A Light on the Limerick



I would like to thank Yasmine, from the blog ‘yaskhan’, for reminding me that the poetic form of the Limerick is not just the ‘blue’ humor remembered from my youth. Their simplicity and brevity are both fun and challenging, while allowing the whole spectrum of content from the profane to the prophetic. When unsaddled from its strict-form anapestic meter, it can vary from driving verse to lilting lyric. Yasmine has a gift with just about any form and free verse, please stop by and enjoy her words!

She inspired me to dabble in the form and I offer the following as a respite from all the heavy stuff that has dominated my recent entries. Enjoy this crudité of the form!


Battle of Wit

There once was a man who constant talked shit

So, I decided to challenge him to a battle of wit

I worried he might come to great harm

For he showed up to fight, clearly unarmed

And that just wouldn’t be fair, now would it?


Old Sage

There once was a mystic old sage

Whose words became all the rage

But it seems a bit queer

And he seems less a seer

When he is reading them off a page



There once was a man named Sparky

Who others thought full of malarkey

Until the skilled electrician

Became savior and magician

Turning the lights back on for free



There once was a poet named Yasmine

With a gift for words yet unseen

She plied her trade

Beautiful poetry made

Her voice making world more serene



We live in a world full of noise

Where everyone has a voice

But when silence is found

What a delightful sound

And one of life’s greatest joys




10 Responses to “A Light on the Limerick”
  1. yassy says:

    You are the master of your craft , Brad. Master craftsman who can turn simple words into art .
    A limerick delight. I am thrilled that you mentioned me , it is more than I deserve because I see what great poet you are. If you write humour so well, then you got this raw and real verses too. Your pen is a testament to the creativity of your mind , Brad.
    Thank you , thank you.

    • Brad Osborne says:

      Your are much too kind. I am but a humble reader who happens to write. I was reminded by your own beautiful works, that no form can be overlooked, and I was happy to share your site with my readers so that they can enjoy your words too. A small thanks for all your kind support! ❤

      • yassy says:

        You are a generous guy , Brad. Not many like you. It’s not that everyone can do what you did. I appreciate that about you.
        I enjoy your poetry , Brad. You write awesome stuff. It’s quite amazing what you can do with your thoughts and how you imbibe them into your poetry. 🤗❤️

  2. There once was a brother named Brad, who never ever made his sister sad, He was loyal and kind, with a love so sublime, and his presence made her always feel glad! ****Sorry, that was off the top of my head!!**** ❤ you!

  3. Jim Borden says:

    I’ve always been a fan of limericks, and these did not disappoint!

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