You Could Never Be



When into darkness my life fell

Swallowed by a reductive hole

Like penny thrown in wishing well

The falling of a vanquished soul


Gravity with no end in sight

Fingers clawing at bloodied wall

Yet fighting hard to get head right

I could not stop the helpless fall


I see your smile so far above

Beckoned light in a place like this

Help offered in your steadfast love

Redemption suffered in your kiss


Dug this deep by my own mistakes

I desperately reach for your hand

My sanity well in the stakes

And you on the precipice stand


You were the one who had to watch

My stumbling into pitted fear

I never meant to ask so much

From someone I loved so dear


I thank you for your choice to stay

For the compassion and concern

But you could never save my day

A lesson I have well since learned


I had to see that hallowed light

Holding remembered silhouette

And focus on the parts more bright

And the vision of you forget


You were never blessed answer

To darkened place that I walked through

For some of the blackest parts were

Sunlight blocked by shadows of you


It hurts to hear my failures sung

But what is truly much sadder

With all your own broken rungs

You could never be my ladder




16 Responses to “You Could Never Be”
  1. Very sadly powerful!

  2. TJ says:

    “You could never be my ladder.” … says it all, I think. Well done. 💜

  3. kristianw84 says:

    Wow! This is beautifully written. That last line got me!

  4. Good one Brad 😊 👌

  5. Brad, this is such a powerful and touching piece. It will stay with me.

  6. Jim Borden says:

    the last two lines provide such great imagery; well done, Brad!

  7. jupitergrant says:

    This is very touching and poignant ❤🌹

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