How hard would we laugh

Salted smiles from glass rim

You would still be just her

And I would still be just him


Flashes of your smoky eyes

As we reminiscent dance

Soulfully sung sad demise

Of our blazing hot romance


Just to sit within hand’s reach

And spin that age-old yarn

Life’s grander lesson left to teach

What could ever be the harm


But fear do I too near draw

And succumb to ancient charms

For I have felt nothing at all

Like the being in your arms


Your faint whispered love

Your hallowed giving breath

Those angel’s lips from above

Memories that have never left


Our behind closed-door dealings

That succulent yet savage flame

Those lingering, lustful feelings

Are the only thing to blame


Though the years we’ve left behind

For me your fragments remain

The scorching heat of us entwined

Still branded upon my brain


So, I try to stay my distance

And keep you at arm’s length

My wants have little resistance

Against your womanly strength




9 Responses to “Indelible”
  1. Indelibly romantic, and it leaves an imprint on the readers heart. Very beautifully written Brad, you rock in this genre as well 👌

  2. Jim Borden says:

    memories can be achingly powerful!

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