Tick Tock



Tick tock, tick tock

Yells our life’s clock

Passing so quick

Each rapid tick


Metronomed song

Ne’er played for long

Slipping away

From day to day


Steady drumbeat

Played on repeat

Taunting our minds

As life unwinds


Measure we do

Each second new

But have no way

To make one stay


Unknown number

Leads to slumber

Our final test

Spiritual rest


How it was spent

Our real lament

When known for sure

We have no more


Tick tock, tick tock

Hand moves on clock

What we must do

Know their value




20 Responses to “Tick Tock”
  1. Very meaningful poetry πŸ‘Œ

    • Brad Osborne says:

      Thank you , Vinayak!

      • Hey Brad, my today’s poetry sucks, I really feel zero satisfaction while posting it. Since you are my daily reader, I am sharing my thoughts with you, ha ha πŸ˜‚

      • Brad Osborne says:

        I know that feeling, V! If you mean your most recent quotation that you posted, it was beautifully written. The metaphor of speaking with our eyes is lovely. Offered as a short quote, the emotions your bring to mind seem to want the story to continue, and may be left with no closure. I wanted it to be just an excerpt from a larger piece. You may be feeling there is more that you want to say in the theme, and that may be your dissatisfaction. Let it live for now, it is beautiful on its own. Then if moved to, revisit it as a prompt or refrain for something more. Hang in there, everything comes in its time! Just keep writing!

      • Thanks a lot for the comforting words 😊

  2. yassy says:

    I fav this. One of your best , Brad.

  3. kristianw84 says:

    This is so beautiful. I really love the flow and the comparison of life to the ticking hand of the clock. Life really is very short.

  4. Jim Borden says:

    time waits for no man…

  5. jupitergrant says:

    Very thoughtful piece πŸ’œ

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