A Sense of Beauty



The painter, by God, given the artful eye

With each graceful flick of the wrist

Upon blank canvas the scene is set to dry

So a rare beauty can exist


We sing our praise at the visual delight

For this creation you must see

And those who have not been blessed with gift of sight

The not seeing a travesty


What can be found amongst talented brushstroke

What scene can be set in the mind

What feelings can colors possibly invoke

For a person who is left blind


If the loss of one sense in the others gain

If there’s more than one way to see

Then who knows what can be conjured in their brain

The home to creativity


Maybe they feel depth and scope painted so bold

Under their practiced fingertips

Maybe they taste the colors of red and gold

Like rusted metal on their lips


Do they feel the etching of the palette knife

Like fingernails trailing on skin

Can they sense the vibrant existential life

Artist’s heartbeat that lives within


Can they smell the rose wine and the evergreen

Hear the scraping of bristled brush

The ring and clang of the contrasted in scene

Or where colors blend to a hush


The painter painted because that was his art

A form of expression and duty

And leaves to each person to do their own part

Defining what is found beauty


But to think it takes some keen set of eyes

Seeing the only way to find

Then that is the source of our vision’s demise

For we are the ones that are blind




7 Responses to “A Sense of Beauty”
  1. Well who can paint a colorful portrait with words? Answer is simple, its you Brad. Love the way you have painted this poetry with your words. I really admire your work 😊

  2. A sense of magic in your words Brad! You have a great gift to observe keenly, to transform words into poetry. Wonderful as always…

  3. Thank you Brad! wishing you the same.

  4. Jim Borden says:

    how true; it is up to each of us to define beauty!

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