I Will Never Be



It is your fantasy

This man you hoped I be

The bold and shining knight

Riding a steed of white


It is your creation

True imagination

A king to stay unknown

As he kneels at Queen’s throne


It is your wanting dreams

And silly as it seems

It’s the least that you expect

No love for imperfect


There is no deflection

To your sought perfection

For if he misses mark

You tear his world apart


I hope that you will find

The perfect man in mind

The one rare entity

That fits your reality


A God in human form

As if it were the norm

But I will never be

The man your visions see




16 Responses to “I Will Never Be”
  1. I will never be is a strong denial of something so glittery. No doubt your a master of a variety of styles and genre. Good work 😊 👌

  2. Our imaginations are able to incite ‘delusions of grandeur’ far beyond what is humanly possible. You are again spot-on with this piece.

  3. Nima Mohan says:

    When expectations are poisonous and desires are dream shatterers!! Beautiful
    Brad 🙂

  4. I blame the movies for filling our heads with the way things ‘should be’.

  5. meenawalia says:

    I am who I am,
    Not what u want me to be
    I love people for who they are are,
    And the expect them to do the same for me..
    Loved reading this Brad.Another masterpiece👏👏👏

  6. Jim Borden says:

    to thine own self be true..

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