Let the Games Begin



To latest lover you say goodbye

Time to put on your game face

Unchosen and yet you know not why

Replacement love now the race


So back you are to the same old tricks

Desperate and so wanting

How you have always gotten your kicks

A vampiric head-hunting


You hate the game, yet you love to play

Need for attention unbound

You’ll start a new beginning today

To see if your worth be found


You feel like you are unattractive

And I know how that must feel

But your actions are just reactive

And what they bring, much less real


If you feel like you have lost control

Then maybe that’s the problem

For one cannot own another’s soul

Without fear of losing them


You should not need young men to tell you

That they still think you are hot

The last one that you went through

Isn’t that exactly what you got


Or is it just too hard to accept

That you may have played a role

Or is it easier to forget

If pretty words can console


Should you return to game-playing throng

I will wish you all the best

Needy boys have been there all along

And will treat you like the rest


To them it is just a numbers game

But wanting words you will find

The words they have written just the same

On profiles of every kind


But play the games, I am sure you’ll win

It is what you always do

To me, a reminder it has been

It’s the why I left you too




10 Responses to “Let the Games Begin”
  1. meenawalia says:

    The genuine ones miss out coz the fake ones have broken the heart too much that is now filled with bitterness,fear and agony.
    Very very well written Brad

  2. Sometines we are so habituated with a way of living that any other format or game becomes rusty. This is very well 😊👌

  3. Jim Borden says:

    sometimes it’s hard to break out of our routine, but sometimes it is worth doing so

  4. kristianw84 says:

    So many people stick to a routine because it’s familiar, but unfortunately, familiar isn’t always passion or love. It’s scary to step out of our comfort zones, but oh boy, is it ever worth it!
    Beautifully penned my friend! ❤

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