A synaptic wind blows

Through the empty spaces

Shoving clouds across mind’s sky

Like a playground bully


Not the wispy, white laced

But the thick and darkening

Filled with an acidic rain

That burns away the neurons


Deluge puddles random woes

Disperses anything light

Flooding the grey matter

Forcing good downstream


Hope sits wet and withered

Like a stray dog under a porch

Shaking, shivering, cold and tired

Leashed to thoughts, no escape


And constant pains drip

From the eaves of the hemispheres

Humid with deceit and fear

Leaving a soggy soul


Lightning sears the nerves

Smell of burnt wishes sting

Each flash reveals from the dark

A ghastly and conscious creature


Love lies face down in the mud

Drown by monsoon of minutia

Lungs filled with muck and misfortune

Life is washed out to sea




9 Responses to “Brainstorm”
  1. While the visualizations and feelings brought forth by your words are quite uncomfortable, this poem is extremely well-written in order to bring those visualizations and feelings so quickly and efficiently to the surface! Great job!

  2. Jim Borden says:

    wonderful imagery; I can picture that poor dog shivering under the steps…

  3. jupitergrant says:

    Very powerfully descriptive.

  4. Francisco Bravo Cabrera says:

    I was searching through some of your older works and found this tremendously well written poem which I really felt in touch with. Great work my friend! Must search deeper into your posts to continue to find such treasures!

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