Here the dark hangs like ancient tapestries

The dank rot of old woven wishes

Fill nostrils with a stench of onyx air


Mortar seeps like tar from barren stone

Jagged black teeth to scar the granite

A throne room for the evil deeds


The boney and broken lay about

Muslin wrapped choices in wake

We celebrate the tragic sins in faith


Charred ghosts build a personal pyre

Ashen remnants of our unspoken truth

Yet the ringing cold is never beheaded


The silence shouts to the sticky floor

Where blood and soil feed twisted roots

Wrapped in beaded rosaries and lies


Curse the light with demonic hymn

Kiss the Stygian heat so well-earned

Suffer petulance more than prayer


Here the long years dance devilish

Soul crucified in exquisite ebony pain

And death is seen as caliginous freedom




10 Responses to “Obsidian”
  1. kristianw84 says:

    Completely off topic, but I started a Science Fiction Story a couple of years ago, and it had a planted named Obsidian. I have been thinking of going back to it (after I finish my current WIP) but I needed a break from it because I was losing interest.

  2. Jim Borden says:

    that was dark! I also was quite busy with online dictionaries for this one: obsidian, caliginous, and Stygian! I’m not sure I’ll be using those words anytime soon, but it’s always fun to learn a new word or two. By the way, how are you managing with the virus?

    • Brad Osborne says:

      Yeah, Jim, a little change of pace for the gray matter. Unfortunately, the current conditions have left me a little less full of sunshine and I am struggling to write anything upbeat or happy. Luckily, I have some work waiting in the wings. I have written some editorial stuff, but it doesn’t seem like a good fit in a blog that has morphed so deeply rooted in poetry. I am managing the virus by staying home, but after a couple days of that, I took the chance today to visit with some friends and insure they are well. That helped a bit with my mood. I don’t feel bad about the vocabulary, especially considering only one of us has letters behind his name 😁

  3. Excellent metaphors and imagery, Brad. It’s not pink but it is excellent poetry.
    take care of you,

  4. Francisco Bravo Cabrera says:

    Dark and beautiful! Sublime in imagery and the precise word to fully create the picture! Brad this is one of your best and that is saying a lot! Loved its gothic atmosphere and surreal meanderings. Great writing my friend!

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