Blessings of the Palette



I dedicate this poem to my dear friend, Francisco Bravo Cabrera. Francisco is a talented artist, poet, writer, and musician who lives in Valencia, Spain. His art, music, and words are as inspiring as they are beautiful. I encourage you to visit his blog at Omnia Caelum… Poetry, Art, Music and share in the wonderful creations that abound within. Thank you, Francisco, for your support, inspiration, beauty, and love! My world would be less without it!



The reds, the blues, the greens

And all the spaces in between

A vivid slice, captured still life

Gift of the brush and palette knife


With an eye and flair for beauty

Being creative seen as duty

In shape and line, in hued stain

They leave a canvas to explain


Each guided stroke, each strong line

Left to represent and define

All the things they feel inside

Emotions artfully transcribed


Then with their gracious, giving heart

Expressions laced within their art

They share the work they hold so dear

Hoping those who see, might also hear




27 Responses to “Blessings of the Palette”
  1. An art can only describe a true artist. A wonderful tribute to an artist from an artist. As always, exceptional 👌

  2. beth says:

    a lovely and colorful tribute to your talented friend

  3. blindzanygirl says:

    Wonderful artistry

  4. Francisco Bravo Cabrera says:

    Brad, you have written something amazing and I am deeply humbled by your words. I appreciate very very much your wonderful friendship, your spirit of art, your fascinating poetry and the love you have and the love you share. I thank you so much for such a lovely poem and dedication. This is something very special which I will always remember, my friend. You are a true friend indeed!
    Wishing you a great Thursday (finally the middle of the week) and all the best, stay safe my friend!

    • Brad Osborne says:

      Just simple words to thank you for all the artistry, inspiration, and joy you bring to my life, Francisco! You are a dear and much loved friend! Be well and stay safe!

      • Francisco Bravo Cabrera says:

        Thank you Brad, you are a dear and much loved friend as well. I certainly appreciate it 🙏

  5. kristianw84 says:

    What a lovely tribute to Francisco. He is quite talented, and so are you! If I hadn’t already discovered Francisco’s blog, your post would have led me to. ❤

    • Brad Osborne says:

      I am so jealous of his creativity and art. I accept that I may have some small gift for words, but I would give anything to be able to paint the beauty he puts onto a canvas. Add to that his creativity and prowess with the written word and music, and he is a true Renaissance man!

      • kristianw84 says:

        You are too humble, my dear. You have an exceptional talent for words. I can’t speak to anything else, but I wish I had more artistic talents, so I understand.

  6. Fen says:

    you have an amazing way with words ❤ This was a beautiful tribute!

  7. Jim Borden says:

    a wonderful tribute to Francisco and his art. Like you, I am impressed by people who have skills that I do not have, such as drawing or writing poetry…

  8. WildHeart says:

    A beautiful dedication to a beautiful person! 💖

  9. Tatuska says:

    simply beautifull, loved it!!

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