What Remains?



What is it that remains?

When the less is stripped away

Truculent words held at bay

And we see what is plain


Who really do we see?

Acidic truth burns the fake

Recognizing each mistake

Ego dies honestly


What then sits at the core?

The sacred that we must hold

And real seen beyond the bold

The who we were before


What is the reflection?

Truth held in eyes looking back

Seeing all the things we lack

Not given deflection


What constitutes the whole?

False put to flame and well-burned

The harder lessons we’ve learned

A glimpse into the soul


What do we leave behind?

When our life has run its race

And the truth must be embraced

Will we like what we find?




24 Responses to “What Remains?”
  1. Kaylen says:

    This is beautifully and philosophical…another lovely poem💗💗

  2. beth says:

    deep thoughts, and this could be a song –

  3. Jim Borden says:

    Wonderful poem, Brad. Reminds me of one of my favorite poems – The Man in the Mirror.

  4. jonicaggiano says:

    Really nicely done Brad. We all take that look at ourselves, delving into who we are, what we have done to enrich the world we live in. Very reflective and I especially liked your ending. Beautiful. Have a blessed rest of the week. Love 💕 Jonikins

    • Brad Osborne says:

      Thank you, Jonikins! We all wax introspective at some point, we just have to hope we like what we find. Thanks for all your love and support! ❤

      • jonicaggiano says:

        The older I get the easier it becomes to be accepting of myself. In many ways getting older can be such a blessing. This is one of those ways for me. Many blessings Brad. Sending love from NC 💕

  5. alwayswithlovekat says:

    Very heartfelt 💛

  6. Deep, what remains is always a question. Of as in fact of your reality and a to be of future, but what remains today may not be tomorrow, but one thing does matter will it remain inside you. As always touched my heart 😊

  7. Nima Mohan says:

    I wonder.. if we will really like us in the real way !! And what if we dont??

  8. yassy says:

    Love your deeply philosophical words ..so much insight in this verse.

  9. Francisco Bravo Cabrera says:

    Another gem! Philosophical, and very artistic…loved it Brad, it shows your tremendous talent and your abilities to create art from profound, deep words and thoughts.
    All the best,

  10. petespringerauthor says:

    Wonderful piece! A little self-evaluation is always a good thing, especially when we get down to our core.

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