Time Unknown



Old mountains have turned to dust

Everything metal has burned to rust

There where great oceans used to be

Dried salt as far as the eye can see


Clouds no longer dot the sky

And nary a bird is seen to fly

The miracle that was all life

Has fallen upon time’s knife


The moon no longer shines

Barren rock in place of pines

A world that once was plush

Dies under time’s long touch


The sun eats Mercury and Mars

The giant red of a dying star

And all to which we held so fast

Falls away in long eons passed


Far flung to the expansiveness

A clock ticks down to a final rest

What once was a singularity

Ends with time the disparity


As the universe bids adieu

There’s one thing left that is true

The love you showed me constantly

Has lasted for an eternity




13 Responses to “Time Unknown”
  1. The love you have for me has been my one constant in time. Regardless of the changes in the outside world, inside my heart, you are there and I am blessed and whole. Beautiful poem!

  2. beth says:

    so romantic

  3. Oh, Brad, in the mist of a landscape filled with sorrow this means so much “The love you showed me constantly Has lasted for an eternity” Beautiful. Really beautiful.

  4. Jim Borden says:

    a wonderful tribute to the ever-lasting power of love…

  5. Francisco Bravo Cabrera says:

    Great verses Brad…amidst the emptiness and desolation, love is the only thing real…very well written.
    Take good care and all the best,

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