Hunger Is Blind



Hunger is color-blind. From the famines of Ethiopia to the homeless and impoverished that live on the streets of every city enshrined. The pain in their stomachs never more or less, sated by nothing, why do we not that protest.


I feel your pains of ethnicity and agree with society’s complicity. But there are more who suffer each day, in a very solvable way. For if oppression is bad in every turn, it appears this is not a lesson yet learned. Then we must have all forgot, what it feels like to have not.


So, if tonight you lie in your bed, knowing the joy of being well fed. Remember those who have so much less. Make a hungry person worth your protest. Just go one day, with nothing to eat. No fruit, no grain, no succulent meat. Then think how hard this singular feat, or how long you could stand for it to repeat.


There are many things that need fixed, but this issue is not so complex. We already have everything we need, but we stumble on abundance and greed. And if, as a society, there is one golden rule, shouldn’t it be that every stomach is full. There is a chance for world hunger to heal, but not if we are busy planning our next meal.




17 Responses to “Hunger Is Blind”
  1. Ah, do I hear the words of childhood? “There are starving children in Ethiopia who would give anything to be able to feast on that vegetable you turn your nose up at”.

  2. This is such a strong message on one of the most common problems thorough out the world. The way you have expressed it, is like you owned that feeling, putting your words, making readers feel each words and rasing the urge to help the needy. Humans can be easily tainted by greed, if not greed than the lack of satisfaction and we never humbly settle. In this process we hardly realise that there are people who don’t even have meals to eat. This has stirred my heard Brad. Thank you for sharing such a wonderful thought.

  3. beth says:

    this is something we must never forget and all act on

  4. Jim Borden says:

    beautiful poem, Brad, that asks us to do something simple. To help those less fortunate than us. thanks for the reminder…

  5. Michael Milonopoulos says:

    So sad that we dont acknowledge all the hungry people in the world. There’s a cure for hunger, it’s called food. But we’re to caught up with all of the other propaganda they force upon us. Thanks for raising awareness Brad.

  6. You have encircled this matter in strong way.
    Well done!!!

  7. petespringerauthor says:

    Hunger, health care, equal rights—we can do better on many issues.

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