Remember Only the Good



Speak not of sorrowed seasons

Untold the many reasons

That which led to our demise

And the tears that stained our eyes


Remember only the good

Loving the best that we could

We held on for many years

Pushed through many silly fears


Though now we are not lovers

New lives have been discovered

Do not see this as an end

But the best of being friends


Hope, I might, to have you still

Strength emboldened by sheer will

To be an ear always there

Speaking now with greater care


Find you will your greatest joy

Built upon what we destroyed

That which we choose to sever

Was not meant for forever




16 Responses to “Remember Only the Good”
  1. Francisco Bravo Cabrera says:

    Another gem! A great message and a beautifully written piece of art! Great work Brad! All the best!

  2. beth says:

    what a wonderful way to approach a changed relationship, still held dear, but in a very different way

  3. Sometimes people grow apart. A wonderful poem on relationships that have taken a different route with time

  4. kristianw84 says:

    This is lovely!! You have such a beautiful way with words

  5. Jim Borden says:

    a beautiful way to put a positive spin on the ending of a relationship, Brad!

  6. The ending not of many relationship is bitter, but it does not have to be the same. As every moment we connected as individuals good, bad is lost and becomes valueless. This poetry is a hopeful message to an end, that can also be positive and beautiful 👌 😊

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