Ancient Scars



Misty memories sting and tear the eyes

Hanging like smoke over the battlefield

Grey words tied like a long-jaded rosary

Worn-out in the constant touching

A vanquished mind is forever lost


Burned we did so fiery red and bright

At night, the passions bid we kneel

What is real of these spoken flecks

Connections, oh, so thin and frail

A broken heart is forever cost


Even dawn has just a moment ‘fore

Transient pale in pink and gold tones

The edge of awareness stretches deep

And blindness does nothing unheard

A role in fate is forever crossed


The laughs and lust linger so short

A breeze paints the desert to new

Old wounds dwindle in given pain

Leave a white stain to bear witness

A hurt of soul is forever glossed


As indelible as the black of crow

The serpent’s fangs a needled flash

And reticent is the freedom past

Letting go without a chosen care

A truer love is forever frost




11 Responses to “Ancient Scars”
  1. The poetry is brilliant, because it’s carefully crafted by you. To be honest this one I did not get, probably because it’s a memoir if a specfic topic probably a war. But what I liked the most is the title Ancient scars.

  2. beth says:

    this speaks volumes, wonderfully penned, brad. i see the scar as a track worn into his flesh by an endless stream of tears

  3. Jim Borden says:

    Well done, Brad. It took me a moment to pick up the pattern here with the last line of each stanza rhyming and containing the word forever. and I’m with Beth, that is a good interpretation of the sculpture – do you know where that is?

  4. Francisco Bravo Cabrera says:

    A very intense and interesting poem. A powerful theme and beautiful imagery. All I can say is great work my friend! All the best!

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