What can my generation say to the next?

How do we apologize for our short-sightedness?

How do we rationalize our destruction of their home?

How do we account for a lifetime of continued bigotry?

How can we expect more from them than of ourselves?

How do we un-spoil the lives we have doted upon?

How do we see ourselves as anything exemplary?

How do we help them to find hope in their future?


We hand them a world in which little has changed.

We shoo them down the same road we travelled.

We promote wealth over all other things.

We teach them that they must always come first.

We shelter them and leave them unprepared for life.

We pass on acquired wealth with no need to earn it.

We try to hide our flaws from youthful eyes, that see all to clearly.

We speak great words and back them with such small actions.


You have been given much and much is expected of you.

You have been given the right to love whom you wish.

You have been kept safe in a country of great freedoms.

You are the brightest generation and highly capable.

You have the right to believe in whatever God you choose.

You have the right to speak out and question anything.

You are a unique individual and that is celebrated.

You have been given the tools to do better than we did.


The real question is what will they be able to tell their kids?




20 Responses to “Generations”
  1. KENDI KARIMI says:

    Wow, wow! What a composition. I love this so so much I’ve had to save this. 👏😍💯

  2. Francisco Bravo Cabrera says:

    Strong words, important words, a statement of things as they are and how the generations have become more and more selfish and self-centred as they travel the route of progress. Will they be able to tell their children? I doubt it…
    All the best my friend, and may you enjoy this middle of the week that has finally arrived!
    Take good care, stay safe,

  3. What a piece… Two parallel worlds you have created… Great creativity…

  4. kristianw84 says:

    This is amazing!!! Masterfully written & a much needed message for all generations. Bravo! 👏

  5. jonicaggiano says:

    Brad what a great way to express our short comings to the next generation. Beautifully done my friend. They will be the ones left with much of the mess our generation has left.
    Great stuff Brad. Have a blessed day my friend. Hugs and love ❤️ Joni

  6. Kaylen says:

    I think this is one of my favorites. The way you give hope to the younger generation is so inspirational. Amazing!

  7. Jim Borden says:

    wonderful poem, Brad. We always hope that each generation improves upon the last, but it’s up to the current generation to make that happen…

  8. petespringerauthor says:

    As much as we’ve failed to pass on to the next generation, I’d say we have gotten some things right. If they see us fighting injustice, then they will also be more likely to stick their necks out on the line. As an educator, I believe in this generation because I’ve seen them in action. They won’t get everything right, but they aren’t going to let us down.

    • Brad Osborne says:

      I agree that they have every opportunity to do better then we did, Thanks largely to people like your self, Jim, and others who tirelessly see to providing them a top notch education. But we have left them some sizable problems to confront. Thanks for your comment and support, Pete!

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