Lost Dreams


Not once does life come to me

The vivid lucidity of wondrous dream

No memory or wish played out

On the imaginative stage

The subconscious at play

Dressed in the colors of the rainbow

Nuanced fortune-telling

Revealed with every sense

Where superheroes are born

And nightmares hold our monsters

Technicolor trance

That breathes for the soul

A window to the psyche

That remains with dawn’s light

Oh, how I wish for dreams

Just to prove I am alright

But life does not come to me

The vivid lucidity of wondrous dream

My nights are blank

Time passed without note

A repetitive hollow moment

Where I hide from everything

Both the good and the bad

I am a man of no dreams

And that is the saddest truth


10 Responses to “Lost Dreams”
  1. Francisco Bravo Cabrera says:

    Well, once again a wonderful piece of writing although a dark mood, it is deep and pensive. Great work my friend,

  2. beth says:

    achingly sad and beautifully said

  3. petespringerauthor says:

    So hauntingly powerful and sad.

  4. What started as a fantasy adventure did end a bit sad. But when I started reading it, felt like a bedtime stories. And in each one of our mind there is a fantasy world, just that we lock it’s door when reality keeps pulling us back. While at the end both are an illusion. You write such beautiful that you should be the man of vivd dreams

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