Memories of you cling to me like rain on a window

Muddied by the dust of days in a purity lost

Refracting my life into the colors of the rainbow


You speak to me in whispers when all alone

An unwelcome spirit seeking solaced refuge

Finding its home within my lovesick bones


Like a long, dull ache that will not subside

You are a constant reminder of where it hurts

The ugly scar that shows how hard we tried


You linger like a wisp of acrid smoke now born

In the extinguishing of a once ferocious flame

That can sting tears to the eyes of the forlorn


You reside like a bad tattoo from the best of days

A permanent mark sunk deep into the skin

Where time can turn bright colors into all grey


A vow made to her who sits on queenly throne

As sacred words become the long crusade

And pulls the knight from the safety of home


There is something that can never be let go

A stain that cannot be washed away

With some purpose that I do not know


9 Responses to “Stained”
  1. Painful and beautifully executed. The motif of the scar, of the pain that never goes away no matter it’s form. Interestingly in your piece the pain has ghostly characteristics. In fact she is a ghost. I love this piece Brad. It’s very beautiful 🥰🌹
    Good morning ☕️🌸

  2. Jim Borden says:

    love all the imagery here, and lines like: “Refracting my life into the colors of the rainbow”

    another wonderful poem in tribute to lost love…

  3. beth says:

    some things never fade no matter what we do to try to make that happen, so beautifully written, brad

  4. kristianw84 says:

    Painful, yet beautiful in the ability to relate to the rawness of it. You are a master heart-string puller. ❤

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