Tuesday Tidbits #50

Welcome to the limited series, Tuesday Tidbits. A collection of quotes to provide inspiration, determination, and elevation. I hope you find something that brightens your day!

It is easiest to write about either end of any spectrum. The mastery of the written language comes when a writer can move people with the mundane.

I am not religious, as I do not base my actions on ordained theological dogma. I do not abstain from sin for fear of hell or the reward of heaven. I live my life by a simpler philosophy. Character and honor are their own rewards.

“What if” is the beginning of every reason not to say something when we see an injustice in the world. There is only one reason to say something, “what if” it was you?

I do not know which is harder. Starting a poem or ending it. And the middle is no piece of cake either.

In the written language, words hold all the power. But in conversation, wit is king!

All writers are fearless. We must stand behind our words given a permanence that will not fade in the echo of memory. By them we will be forever judged. And fearless, we write anyway.

I cannot judge another. I walk a path strewn with my own stones and can only be bothered to look where I step.

Now get out there and write something!


11 Responses to “Tuesday Tidbits #50”
  1. beth says:

    ‘all writers are fearless.’ yes

  2. Jim Borden says:

    another wonderful set of quotes, Brad.

    I have been trying for six years, with little success, to move people with the mundane… 🙂

  3. kristianw84 says:

    Love all of these! Another one where it’s hard to choose a favorite, but “In conversation, wit is king!” Really spoke to me.

  4. These were very wise and true, indeed. But the last one is my favourite. Life would be much easier, communities would live better, states would find peace and the world would prosper if only people would mind their own steps and stay clear of criticising and judging others. Great work my friend!

  5. jonicaggiano says:

    Lots of great wisdom Brad. Sending love ❤️ Jonikins

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