Close Up


“All the world’s a stage”

Yet acts not hard penned

Written as we go

With an unknown end


We stand in footlights

Improvising line

Chewing scenery

Our lives to define


Acts go unnumbered

Characters galore

Where the story goes

Unknown till explored


So, break a leg kid

Give it all you got

Step to center stage

Give it your best shot


Soliloquized life

Captured in spotlight

Others hard to see

In that glare so bright


No offense is meant

Applause we can’t give

We have major roles

Our own lives to live


Technology now

Brought rarified air

Where all that you do

We should daily care


We are all players

Important to plot

Practicing our lines

With no time to watch


10 Responses to “Close Up”
  1. There are two basic groups of people – those who believe that everything, EVERY THING, revolves around them, and those who seek to validate themselves by making everything revolve around another and exclude themselves. I’ve always been a part of the second group – until excluding myself began having serious mental and physical issues appear. Truth comes from finding a balance.

  2. beth says:

    there is a place for us on the stage and yet it is big enough for all of us

  3. Mike Milonopoulos says:

    I love how you can make today’s crazy world seem more tolerable with your words Brad. Beautiful!

  4. Francisco Bravo Cabrera says:

    Well, as all the world is a stage, and we are all players, we speak until the final syllable of recorded time and we can only hope that we do not get kicked out of the play by the Great Director. Great poem, truly enjoyed it, as I love Shakespeare, and great work. All the best to you my friend,

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