Melancholy Moon


The sky holds a tinctured air

And melancholy moon glows pale

Against the salted cheek in haste

No want to reveal in exhale


Breath blows a shiver of words

Found begging to be left unsaid

That rise in the heat unheard

And fall on a heart left dead


Within the moonlit music soft

The saddest of songs plays again

For finale falls on love so rare

In choked words gone unspoken


For here is where all words fail

Apologies of no use in the now

No matter our hopeful chosen course

We ended up right here, somehow


Commissioned here by artist’s hand

Goodbyes meant to look like this

No words are left for either to say

Just one haunting final kiss


And every night since that kiss

Still holds a moon so sadly pale

Missing love in tinctured air

No want to reveal in exhale


5 Responses to “Melancholy Moon”
  1. Brilliant, images painted clearly and wilfully by those precise words, perfectly placed. Fantastic poem my friend!
    All the best,

  2. So painfully beautiful

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