The Sparkle in Your Eyes


The light from the stars has traveled

A million years just to twinkle in your eye

To arrive at this very moment

Distant blessing from a night sky


And in the time that has passed

Since this radiant original birth

It has sped its way unyielding

Just to grace our mother Earth


And now it falls with subtle kiss

Upon this one, so kind and fair

A unique and loving gift from heaven

For a woman just as rare


And shine it does, within your eyes

Exquisite diamond of the night

True love found in the reflection

Of a distant, ancient light


And if your love, you promise me

Before the dawning of the day

I will never let a single tear

Ever wash that starlight away


Pledge your heart, my sparkling love

And I will kneeling, promise my own

Promise to love you, for as long as it takes

For that light to find its way home


20 Responses to “The Sparkle in Your Eyes”
  1. Outstanding writing and pleasure to read your post

  2. Jim Borden says:

    what a beautiful image of that light traveling for a million years just to sparkle in someone’s eye. well done, Brad!

  3. beth says:

    So romantic and beautiful

  4. The first two lines: Wow!

  5. jonicaggiano says:

    This is so enduring and lovely Brad. What a beautiful expression of light and love. ❤️🤗😘💕

  6. Anonymous says:

    hold on to the person
    you refer
    to in this poem
    for if you let them go
    you will regret you ever met them

  7. kristianw84 says:

    This is beautiful, Brad! There are a million things I want to say, but you have rendered me speechless! 😍😍

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