You Are…


You are…

A shadow in the dark

A fire without spark

An elegance in the stark

Something hard to find


A bundle of nerves

A voluptuous curve

A thesaurus of words

Something hard to bind


A bee without sting

A bird on feathered wing

A hymn that angels sing

Something gifted from above


A hope given chance

A look within the dance

A beautiful romance

Something to be loved

You are…


31 Responses to “You Are…”
  1. wjwingrove97 says:


  2. So romantic without being mushy! Well done!

  3. SelmaMartin says:

    aww. yes. love it to pieces. thanks.

  4. Very rhythmic and beautiful!

  5. Jim Borden says:

    Love the words, and the rhyming scheme. well done, author of the year!

  6. petespringerauthor says:

    Love the style and rhythm of this one. You’ve educated this novice about the many forms of poetry.

  7. K.L. Hale says:

    You are…so gifted! Love this!

  8. jonicaggiano says:

    Wow this will make some woman blush and be swooned right off her feet. Really beautifully written. Big hugs 🤗 Love Jonikins

  9. kristianw84 says:

    Gahh! So beautiful & wonderfully romantic! 😍

  10. I am relieved that you did not spend all the good stuff getting Author of the Year. Still on a roll.

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