Tuesday Tidbits #118


Welcome to the limited series, Tuesday Tidbits. A collection of quotes to provide inspiration, determination, and elevation. I hope you find something that brightens your day!


Live simply. Simply live. Beware the trappings and seize the moment.

It is hard for me to receive a gift, as I can always think of someone in greater need than I. But I have had to learn to accept some kindnesses graciously and with great thanks. I have learned it is unfair to deny the joy of the giver.

“Speak softly and carry a big stick!” I am here to tell you that if the stick is big enough, you don’t have to talk at all.

Nothing is impossible. It is just that our life spans may not be long enough to see everything through to fruition. But that doesn’t make it impossible.

It is the pressure and heat of calm consideration applied to the bedrock of knowledge that produces the diamonds of wisdom.

The true strength of a man is found in his self-control. It is easy to do what you want. Harder to do what is best.

Do not retrace your steps. You are exactly where you are and no looking back can change your present. It is looking forward and your next step which determines any possible future and demands your attention.


Now get out there and write something!


20 Responses to “Tuesday Tidbits #118”
  1. beth says:

    I agree with not retracing our steps. (except when you lose a key)

  2. Excellent tidbits to ponder and perhaps use in our steps forward in life! Thank you for sharing them!

  3. Retracing your steps is a complete waste of time as things will never be the same. Everything is constantly changing, including the past. Very good tidbits my friend.

  4. Some things do not seem to change. Your Tuesday Tidbits really speak to me.

  5. Amber says:

    The diamonds of wisdom💎 I needed that one today, thank you for sharing these!💖

  6. mistermuse says:

    …”if the stick is big enough, you don’t have to talk at all”….and if the stick has a sharp point, the stick can talk (make your point) for you. 😀

  7. petespringerauthor says:

    I connected most with the thought about self-control. I’ve never struggled with booze or alcohol, but food is my drug. I exercise like crazy, so I don’t have to give up what I love.

  8. kristianw84 says:

    Another wonderful series of tidbits. I especially like the last one!

  9. jonicaggiano says:

    These are great tidbits, my favorites are ones that I struggle with myself. The first being never to second-guess oneself, I am always second-guessing myself. The second, having difficulty accepting a complement, never believing that it’s real. Thank you as always for sharing your wisdom. Hope the weather has allowed you to get out on your bike. Love Jonikins 🦋😘

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