Just a silhouette

Disappeared by shadows

It is in the dark

Just as feared, need you most


But your angel wings

Cannot fly here, oh so close

When dark discovered

Raptured by an unholy ghost


Your beauty, by grace

Heavenly heart remains

But yours was never meant

Love for me, earning stains


You would lift the weight

From shoulders, if you could

These are mine alone

Markers, holders, my un-good


What if evils set free

Comes at too high a cost

And the light you are

Becomes soon, something lost


Leave the dark to me

Ne’er abide in the gone

Whatever night I see

You’re my light to the dawn


6 Responses to “Silohouette”
  1. beth says:

    good to know the light is there –

  2. kristianw84 says:

    This is a beautiful poem that moved me in many ways. If there should ever come a time when I could help you carry that weight, I hope you’ll let me. Your darkness could never douse my light. I’ll always be a beacon to help you find your way. What else are friends for? And I love you lots, my friend! 😘

  3. “my un-good” is so good.

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