Look Hard


We are not what we were

But we are what we teach

Revisionist slanted history

Failures hidden as tragic

Rather than being laid

Stones to progressive path

White-washed empires

Global indigenous slavery

Every great society

Pressing itself onto others

False idols of discovery

And great white hopes

Cultures burned to conformity

Resources plundered

Differences exploited

It is in the abyss of wrongs

The injustices of society

Where the pearls of learning

Mingle with the opportunity

To truly become enlightened

And we find a way to be more

Than the polished reflection

Of whom we hoped we would be

What hope can lie in a future

With an unreckoned past

Look long, look hard

See the true face of man


5 Responses to “Look Hard”
  1. beth says:

    it is vitally important that we teach the truth, exactly as it happened

  2. mistermuse says:

    To me, the first two line of this poem are especially striking, despite what seems apparent: many of us ARE still what we were in terms of mindset and beliefs, unwilling and/or unable to examine and question nearly life-long views and convictions. Would that most of us were half as willing to challenge what we think as we are to challenge what “the other guy” thinks.

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