Bind Your Tears


Do not cry for me, dear friend

Let not sorrow rule the day

Life chimes, now at its end

And my body has gone away


I travel now, a different path

In a world you cannot see

Spirit sheds the mortal plane

Soul finally set free


I have returned to the start

My universal home

And you are there within my heart

As this larger realm I roam


And I still with you, in everything

In every cloud, each stone and tree

When you need to feel me close

Just look and you’ll find me


I am thankful for my mortal time

And all the love you made me feel

And though my face seen differently

I am no less me and no less real


Now, bind your tears with my love

Share my joy that I lived well

I have found my cosmic heaven

And your sadness, my only hell


26 Responses to “Bind Your Tears”
  1. Athira says:

    Well penned✍🏻

  2. This was brilliant my friend! A most artistically crafted jewel that speaks so many truths for we are spirits, we are immortal, this life is just a passing phase…
    Cheers and all the best.

  3. beth says:

    such a lovely note for those left behind

  4. K.L. Hale says:

    Your poetry always speaks to my heart and soul. “Bind your tears” I love this, Brad. 💛💕🤗

  5. kristianw84 says:

    I do not like to think about a world without you in it. I do agree that our loved ones are never truly gone. Very well written, my dear! ❤

  6. My beloved brother, upon reading this (and getting a bit teary-eyed), I thought that maybe I should make a physical copy of it and leave behind for you when you are faced with the task of handling my estate. You will shed no tears, for that is not your style, but I will know of your pain and knowing that pain will be my biggest regret about the life I lived.

  7. I am relieved I am not the only one writing obituaries ahead of time. You seem destined for cosmic heaven while I may have to settle for comic heaven.

  8. Jim Borden says:

    such beautiful and comforting words for those experiencing the loss of a loved one…

  9. petespringerauthor says:

    Your piece made me think of my parents and how much I appreciated how they wrote important facts from their lives that I was unaware of. Most people don’t like to think about their passing. It made writing the final obituary so much easier.

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