Winter Dreams


Leaves fall like flakes of gold and bronze

Tumbling through the cool autumn air

To hush the footsteps on forest carpet

That awaits winter’s bridal gown white


The trees whisper into the north wind

Of the warmth of summer days and rain

Another ring on the finger of recorded life

That speaks in tongues of seasons past


The trail meanders like a brown ribbon

Through elms and pines born years ago

Where the world beyond was a different place

But here, it is only time that has passed


Both flora and fauna prepare for sleep

To slumber away winter’s cold grasp

With dreams full of all the vivid colors

That are needed for the coming spring


18 Responses to “Winter Dreams”
  1. beth says:

    ah, the beauty of getting ready for what is to come next in the natural order of things. beautifully said

  2. kristianw84 says:

    Absolutely beautiful!! 😍

  3. Beautiful my friend! I’ve also been thinking of winter, crisp cool air, the oranges filling the trees with colour…

  4. I may grumble about hot and cold seasons, but I would not want to live in a place where I cannot see the beauty that each changing season brings! Thank you for a lovely reminder of what is coming just around the corner!

  5. Beautiful! Made me think of freezing winter mornings, and the bliss of being wrapped in a quilt in those temperatures 🙂

  6. raelynpracht says:

    This gives me all the feels! Very lovely.

  7. Jim Borden says:

    as beautiful as this poem is, I don’t want to start thinking about Fall yet! 🙂

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