Simple Words


I can write a thousand poems

Verbalize romantic bliss

But they would pale in comparison

To a single loving kiss


The words may shine for a time

Buoyed by the feelings they confess

But they will never last as long

As a singular, sweet caress


Nerve endings brought to life

By a loving, tacit touch

Feelings pressed upon the soul

No need for a verbal crutch


My words are very real

They speak the truth, and yet

It is my touch you’ll memorize

And your body will never forget


But words are all I have for now

As distance keeps us apart

Though they cannot kiss those lips

I pray they touch your heart



34 Responses to “Simple Words”
  1. Words…yes words are all we have, they are our tool, our inspiration, our communication and our art form, and you, my friend, are a craft master and an artist. Lovely composition. Have a great Sunday my friend!

    • Brad Osborne says:

      Thank you, my dear friend! Your kind words and constant support are always appreciated and needed. Have a great Sunday!

      • Always a pleasure and a delight to read your work my friend. Here it is a very very hot Sunday with bad air quality. We’ve too much Sahara dust in our atmosphere at the time in this part of the Mediterranean. Hopefully by tomorrow it will be cooler and better. Thank you and all the best.

      • Brad Osborne says:

        I hope so for you. Here the heat has broken, and we are finally enjoying moderate temperatures and low humidity. I am looking forward to being outdoors. Cheers, my friend!

      • Wishing you the best and enjoyable outdoor days! All the best!

  2. K.L. Hale says:

    So beautiful, Brad. Happy Sunday, my dear friend. 💛💕🤗

  3. beth says:

    such a sweet wish –

  4. Jim Borden says:

    there’s no mistaking the power of touch, whether it is physical or emotional…

  5. Rita Coolidge recorded a song called “It’s Only Words” that speak of this differently, suggesting that words CAN steal the heart. But I agree with you that the unspoken words in a touch say things we most often cannot accurately describe with our vocabulary!

    • Brad Osborne says:

      I would agree that words can steal the heart. But nothing conveys love in a more complete sense than a single touch. If we were visiting and we could either talk or hug, which would you choose? Thanks sis! Love you!

  6. kristianw84 says:

    So beautiful! Your words often touch my heart. 🥰❤

  7. yassy says:

    Omg how do you do it, Brad. Beautiful poetry ♥️

  8. I keep waiting for you to write a clunker because I have some funny lines for that occasion but you just do not know how to do that.

  9. Awwwwwwwwwwnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnn ❤️♥️♥️♥️♥️

  10. jonicaggiano says:

    Such a beautiful read, the last stanza is my favorite. Sending hugs and well wishes. Jonikins

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