Winds of Change


There are smallish moments

When our lives seem to exhale

And we are left short of breath

Unseen is our next step

And the stumble that befalls us

Puts us on a different path

One, yet to be dreamed of

That holds a neon future

Hidden from where we stood

Not found on any old map

Mere chance becomes mother

And Eden is born anew

In a place unforeseen

Lives this other dream

Borne on the winds of change


17 Responses to “Winds of Change”
  1. Athira says:

    Nicely written…The thought first came into my mind after a read was “Enjoy little moments in life”

  2. beth says:

    I love these ‘on the precipice’ periods of life when all possibilities are on the table. I have found these to be the times when most growth occurs.

  3. You’ve written about something that is essential to our lives and the title reminds me of that song by The Scorpions that came out when the Iron Curtain fell and the Berlin Wall was torn apart by the people, not with hatred but with love, and the guards had to put away their rifles and smile. No one can stop the winds of change…

  4. kristianw84 says:

    I found hope weaved throughout your beautiful lines. I believe we grow when the winds change direction! Marvelous, my dear friend! ❤

  5. Jim Borden says:

    it’s amazing to think of the lifelong consequences of some decisions that are made in a second..

  6. petespringerauthor says:

    Such is the beauty and unpredictability of life. One minute we might make one choice, and five minutes later, we could choose something else.

  7. Such an alluring piece of writing.
    Hope to read some more from your side.😊

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