Love’s Alibi

It is not darkness that I see

In my life destined by brevity

It is a muddled, mottled gray

The witness to a dying day

A twilight of fearful knowing

An acceptance that I am going

Yet, greedily do I cling to each

Gifted moment within my reach

Hoped peace in what may befall

Heedful bow at the reaper’s call

Entreat to me the heaven’s gain

Let me know life without this pain

The only fear I have of death

The missing me a heart will cleft

The sad tears of the one I love

Undried, while I watch above

If only I could, you know I would stay

But this won’t turn out another way

When I go, I but ask of you

Be true to the you that I well knew

Give your love like the gift it is

Deny not another your perfect kiss

Be happy and fulfilled in all things

Revel in the joy that living brings

As I look over you from nigh above

I want to remember the way we loved

And see that smile in laughing eyes

As your life goes on uncompromised

But I have not gone, my love, just yet

I will bear the weight of each final step

That leads me to a life lived brave

Thankful for all that blessings gave

We will laugh and love till the end

I’ll share what’s left with my best friend

When final forces a judging eye

You will be my love’s only alibi

13 Responses to “Love’s Alibi”
  1. beth says:

    ❤ a lovely gift passed from one who has gone too soon to one who still remains

  2. Incomparable beauty in words and sentiment.

  3. kristianw84 says:

    Absolutely beautiful, my dear. A love so selfless in the wanting of a lover to move on in life and love once the other has passed on to the next life. This moved me to tears. ❤

  4. Jim Borden says:

    beautiful words, Brad… it’s hard to know who has it tougher, the ones who are dying, or the ones left behind…

  5. petespringerauthor says:

    I think it’s rather noble to want the best for someone who has since moved on, whether they are still part of this world or not.

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