Just A Sip



Your love grows in the vineyard

A gift from rain, soil, and sun

Birth of what you have to give

But the story is just begun


Each vine must be well tended

Protected from raven and crow

If the fruits of your labor

Are to have a chance to grow


Your patience is the virtue

For ripening to complete

Making sure the love you grow

Has the time to become sweet


Harvested so delicate

So, no berry will see a bruise

Perfect, little orbs of love

Fat with your sweetest juice


Trodden by angelic feet

Placed in the dark to ferment

Sparkle given to its sweet

And a touch of temperament


Aged inside your heart-shaped cask

It becomes as a fine wine

Stored and racked inside yourself

Rare, red elixir so divine


Won’t you save this thirsty man

Wet with your love these parched lips

I want so much to taste of you

Won’t you give me just a sip


I’ll risk the role of drunkard

Or of waking on the floor

Penance for that one sweet sip

That may leave me wanting more


If it becomes addiction

Then wino the chosen role

I’ll suffer that affliction

For communion with your soul




7 Responses to “Just A Sip”
  1. beth says:

    drunk on love –

  2. kristianw84 says:

    You write the most beautiful lines!! They make me swoon and leave me breathless. 😍❤🍷

  3. petespringerauthor says:

    Well-nurtured love takes time.

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