Tuesday Tidbits #139


Welcome to the limited series, Tuesday Tidbits. A collection of quotes to provide inspiration, determination, and elevation. I hope you find something that brightens your day!


Being in love means coming in second and still feeling like you have won.

In a world full of ego, wealth, status, and possessions, do not for a second think that having less means being less.

Do not confuse Democracy with Capitalism. Our politics are not supposed to be for sale.

Throughout history, peoples, countries, and cultures have risen up to throw off the yolk of the oppressors. Any future worth living will require moments of revolution and change.

Why is the word “abbreviated” so long?

When I am feeling tired, I remind myself that giraffes only sleep five to thirty minutes a day and they do that standing up. Thank you, Alex Trebek!

For decades I was taught, trained, and encouraged to suffer in silence. A grand homage to strength. It has been the hardest lesson to unlearn when fed by a truculent ego.


Now get out there and write something!


13 Responses to “Tuesday Tidbits #139”
  1. kristianw84 says:

    You are so good at writing these tidbits! Once again, I love them all, but I think I’m partial to the first one and the one about giraffes! The “abbreviated” one made me chuckle!! Hurray for Tuesdays!! 🦒❤

  2. beth says:

    glad you are unlearning the ‘suffering in silence’ approach to life, and you have really met it head on with your prolific outpouring of poetry

  3. Brilliant and inspiring for sure!

  4. That last one really hit home with me. You had a double dose of the lesson. Our mother taught us first about martyrdom by her own example (not a good example, but what she was striving to be an example). The Marines gave you a second dose, almost a validation of what you learned as a child. We will both always be working at unlearning how to suffer in silence, when done in an effort to feed our egos about how strong we are. You’re making great strides at this!

  5. petespringerauthor says:

    Isn’t it crazy how, when we should be expressing our feelings, we’re brainwashed to think we’re somehow less for doing that?

  6. jonicaggiano says:

    I always enjoy this post. Lots of wisdom found in your words. I must say I had no idea about the giraffe. Sending hugs 🤗

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