All the Living


Death has waited too long

To win in fatal sport

Life is more of a sprint

Time is always short


Dawdled and dallied

The reaper running late

While I have fully lived

There is nothing left to take


I have gulped from life

Till stomach may burst

Drank more than a share

Bore no unsated thirst


I had seen grim hand

When I was but young

I could hear the ticking

Knew how game was won


So, knock when you must

I will greet you at the door

I have bested you, my friend

What all the living was for


10 Responses to “All the Living”
  1. beth says:

    not time for you to answer the door yet

  2. kristianw84 says:

    I’m glad you have lived a life of experiences, but I hope it’s a long while before he comes knocking at your door.

  3. I will not be around here anymore when the reaper comes to call on you. I can only hope that we’re both traveling the same road after we leave this place so we can still be together!

  4. Bridgette says:

    Such good rhymes here, but don’t answer the door anytime soon. Add me to the list of those hoping to someday have a book in hand written by you.

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