A thousand words said a picture’s worth

But these do not speak to me at all

Wonderous world of the moment seen

Unrevealed by the thin and small


The captured light once living

Does not breathe here any more

Just snapshots of what lay behind

Of the person I was before


Old friends seen in young faces

Young love seen in old pains

The photos hold but traces

Of what little still remains


They are not fully silent

They whisper their timid prayers

Of a life with more possibilities

A life that held many less cares


Old images do not seem their worth

I will leave behind a thousand words

In case the photographs of my life

Are the whispers that go unheard


13 Responses to “Whispers”
  1. beth says:

    words are a powerful legacy

  2. Brilliant! These lines I really loved: “Old friends seen in young faces; Young love seen in old pains; The photos hold but traces; Of what little still remains.” Wonderful work, artistic and real!

  3. kristianw84 says:

    “Old friends seen in young faces
    Young love seen in old pains”

    The entire poem is beautiful, but those lines really struck me.

    I am just the opposite. I cling to old photographs. There’s a picture of me as a baby. I am in a flowy dress, arms outstretched to heaven, and it’s obvious I am dancing (some things never change). My grandmother is watching me. There’s a twinkle in her eye and a smile that lights up the room. I can see the expression of love and adoration etched on her face for her only granddaughter. It helps me feel close to her.

    I also think about the person behind the camera, most likely my mother, who captured a moment between her mother and her daughter. Oh, the love that must have swelled in her heart at that moment.

    Pictures speak to my inner poetess, and words make me want to be a better one, especially your words.

    It’s impossible for me to pick a favorite poem of yours, but this one ranks high on the list! ❤

    (Sorry for the novel of a comment. Your poems often resonate with me).

    • Brad Osborne says:

      It seems that particular phrase resonated with some other readers also. And there are no rules here for comment length. Feel free to express however you would like. Many people cling to photographs. Maybe it is so they always have a reminder of the moment. I find the moments worthy of a photograph are the type we never forget anyway. Hope you have a great day! Thank you!

  4. petespringerauthor says:

    Leaving words for others to enjoy can be part of our legacy, just as meaningful as any photograph or memory.

  5. Secret Bree says:

    Gesh, this is great Brad. The third stanza is absolutely brilliant!

  6. Bridgette says:

    Like my blog, I tend to be attached to words and images. I hold photographs as markers of my memory, little hand holds I can grab onto to remember the past. Thank you for such a thoughtful poem.

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