Don’t Ask


Do not ask me what I have seen

For I have seen it all

I have seen the best that man can be

And witnessed the worst of humanity

I have seen the most beautiful of skies

Reflected in the tears of a child’s eyes

I have seen love in all its splendor

The moments when life is tender

I have seen death in unclosed eyes

And hate in every disguise

Never have I been blind

To all that life shows


Do not ask me what I have heard

For I have heard it all

I have heard the promises we say

And the words that people pray

I have heard gossip by the ton

Judgements cast on everyone

I have heard words that lift the soul

And hatred with virulent toll

I have heard sage advice given youth

And news offered without truth

Never have I been deaf

To all that life proclaims


Do not ask me to render knowledge

From all I have seen and heard

The only thing that I have learned

Is being surprised at life’s every turn

And I am still learning as I go

Seeing all the things I do not know

Changing the beliefs held dear

As things become more clear

And through this entire rendition

Never given life’s great definition

Do not ask me what I know

I still have a way to go


10 Responses to “Don’t Ask”
  1. beth says:

    even after experiencing so much, we all have so much to learn

  2. kristianw84 says:

    There is still so much to learn from life, and I am glad you recognize this. I will not ask for specifics, but I still want to hear all your stories!

  3. Life is full of surprises. You’ve said it well my friend!

  4. I have but the smallest of inklings of things you have seen, heard and experience, and even that minute amount of knowledge brings me sadness to know of what you’ve endured.

  5. Anonymous says:


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