I had seen death before

The pale faces of loved ones

Quiet and still

Placed in the silk lined box

As if they slumbered

Devoid of their suffering

Now Resting in Peace


But this was different

There would be no scripture read

No fine words to send you off

And in my arms, I saw

Death’s true face

Filled with the pain and fear

As your end drew near


I told you everything would be okay

And we both knew that was untrue

For the wounds received that day

Would end this life for you

But I held on with all I had

As if wishing could change that

Oh, if wishing only could


We had shared a blood oath

To keep each other from harm

But I had always hoped

It would be me saving you

And now, with tables turned

I wanted to recant that vow

Feeling unworthy of the cost


Rest, my brave brother-in-arms

Nothing can touch you now

And if I survive the day

It will be because of you

I guess heaven needed a Marine

And I hope they know

They got one of the best

Rest now, brother, rest


15 Responses to “Rest”
  1. kristianw84 says:

    I sob every time I read this!

  2. This poem never fails to bring tears to my eyes, not only for the fallen comrade, but also for you and the strength you had to find to stare death in the face as you did while serving our country. I hope someday there will come a place and time when and where you are finally free enough to feel and express all of the emotions you so eloquently write about. I love you!

  3. beth says:

    absolutely heartbreaking and a heartfelt thank you as well for their sacrifice. know that you would have done the same for them.

  4. joyroses13 says:

    So very poignant, Brad. My heart goes out to you! 💙

  5. Grabs me every time!

  6. Powerful and beautiful!

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