When Cometh Time


When cometh time, that I am dead

Lookest not for my earthly grave

To tread the mound o’er fallen head

Shed the tears thou wouldst not save

For tis not there, my spirit lie

I am the wind that passes by


Nary a stone will marketh lot

Whenst my time has ticked its last

Nor daisies resting, where I am not

With thou sorrow and sadness cast

Soul unbound in deathly call

I am the rains that lightly fall


Seek me not in hallowed spaces

Hold still the words that cometh late

Find me in the common places

Should final rest behold fatal fate

Ne’er the grave will e’er be mine

I am the sun that doeth bright shine


If thoust look, I can be found

And all the love I have for thee

Will not live, if laid to ground

In death it finds its liberty

You can always find me there

I am in every breath of air


14 Responses to “When Cometh Time”
  1. Brilliant! In the Sun, the Air, the Rain… a true look at what we are as spirits with temporary bodies. Very nice work for sure my friend.

  2. beth says:

    beautiful – never truly gone or forgotten

  3. kristianw84 says:

    I love this reminder that even though the physical shell is gone, the spirit remains. Beautiful, my dear friend!

  4. Beloved brother, in our continual “contest”, I hope your own beautifully written words will bring you peace when I have gone. I love you!

  5. You are still going strong right here and sparing us the scavenger hunt for another time!

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