Welcome to Commonsensibly Speaking. It is my hope that the readers of my blog will be challenged to a greater understanding of the diametric views of the social issues facing our modern world. Or at least, that was my hope when I started this blog way back then. It is obvious from my earliest entries, that there was that sense of theme to my endeavor. Since then, like all things that live, it has changed. What may have started as a hope to drive social consciousness and conversation, has morphed into a repository for all my writing. Theme no longer exists to cast ambience to my words. I write and therefore I am. I, no longer weighed down by the anchor of relating content to theme, am free to share a plethora of writings, from Taoist parables to poetry. And to write about topics that inspire rather than conspire. Now, it is just more simply me

About the Author:

My age, sex, ethnicity, philosophy, religious beliefs, sexual orientation, income, eye color, shoe size, upbringing, education, etc. have no bearing. These are the things that most allow us to categorize other people’s views in such a way as to not be threatened by differing opinions. Suffice it to say that I see myself as an average person. Granted, with some experience as a writer, the size of my vocabulary may be outside the “norm”, but that is only a convenience in being able to express my thoughts and not an indication of higher education or greater intelligence. If anything, it is simply that I have always been a voracious reader. Hard not to pick up a few words along the way. About the only thing that might be different about me in comparison the general populus is that I start any modality of thought with a full understanding that I am probably wrong in my thinking and views. It is why I am always left with more questions than answers.

About the Reader:

You are the ones with the answers. Your “answer” may not be the answer for every reader, but most importantly they are the answers for your own life. They are the answers you will be challenged to find within yourself that will help solidify your thoughts and actions to become more resolute and articulate about your own views and beliefs. In every instance, your answers will be correct for you as an individual, as they are the verbalized sum of your experiences and beliefs. If an entry leaves you with some unresolved questions, join the club. But fear not, you have the rest of your lifetime to find the answers.


I make every attempt to avoid words such as “all”, “none”, “never”, “always”, etc., as there is usually an exception to any generalization. Should I err and use such a term it is truly a mistake. I cannot think of any generalization I have ever heard that I didn’t immediately think of an exception. In your responses and comments, should you make the same error, I ask my readers to give you the benefit of the doubt and assume you are aware there are exceptions.

Comments and Interactions:

Your comments, views, beliefs, and self-expression are greatly encouraged. However, they are opportunities to convey ideas, not to abase other readers or their views. Comments degrading individual persons will not be tolerated and will be promptly deleted. If you feel strongly about a topic, you may suggest it for a future entry or I am happy to consider having you write a guest blog entry. If you currently have your own blog and need a dissenting opinion or alternative view on a topic, I will find the time to participate assuming I will get proper credit for my writing.

  • All articles are copyrighted and fully protect under US and International copyright law. Permission to transmit, publish, or reprint all or any part of an article must be obtained in writing from the author.

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9 Responses to “About”
  1. Very interesting to learn more about your views Brad! You seem very insightful.

  2. Hi Brad, I’m Phoenix and I just looked around your blog and I have to say: I AM LOVING IT!
    Wonderful articles, beautifully penned posts – what more could you want?!
    Do check out my blog too and keep up the AWESOMENESS!
    Phoenix 💖 💖 💖

    • Brad Osborne says:

      Hi Phoenix! That you for stopping by and reading. I appreciate your kind words about my work. I stopped by your blog and enjoyed the posts I had time to read this evening. I have followed you in order to come back and read more. Plus I look forward to seeing what comes in the future. Again, thank you for reading and commenting. ❤💕🌹

  3. K.L. Hale says:

    I’m glad to know you in this space. Your words are an encouragement; and greatly appreciated.

  4. Jeff says:

    Hello, Brad. Stopping by to give you a new follower. Kristianw84 sent me. I love what I have seen, so far.

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