Sitting on the Moon

Making snow angels in the dust,
That traces every moment touched…

Fragile Thing

Oh, how fragile,
A house of glass,
From sea to shining sea…


With all that I could muster,
My flint struck against the steel…

With Each Breath

Five hundred million breaths,
All it takes to see eighty years…

A Pair of Giraffes

Sometimes a random thought goes off the rails and crashes spectacularly.

Northern Lights

Charged particles paint the sky,
Shimmering in blues and greens…


I hear your lovely scriptured words,
Remnants of the sermons heard…


To the pretty girls, running slow,
Who let us steal playground kisses…

Melancholy Moon

The sky holds a tinctured air,
And melancholy moon glows pale…


A thousand words said a picture’s worth,
But these do not speak to me at all,
Wonderous world of the moment seen,
Unrevealed by the thin and small…

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