Tuesday Tidbits #90

A pool of poignant and powerful prayers for prose.

Tuesday Tidbits #89

A well of wispy words and wishes for writers.

Tuesday Tidbits

A zoo of zesty and zany zingers with zeal.

Tuesday Tidbits #87

A waterfall of wisdom and wishes for wanted words.

Tuesday Tidbits #86

A deluge of delightful dialogue delivering discernment.

Tuesday Tidbits #85

A cacophony of cursory critiques and communiques on creativity.

Tuesday Tidbits #84

A plethora of perceptual proverbs pertaining to the pen.

Tuesday Tidbits

A monstrous moat of mythical and magical murmurs.

Tuesday Tidbits #82

A theoretical thorny thicket of thankful thought.

Tuesday Tidbits #81

A ton of titillating, timely, and tantalizing takes.

Suicide Squeeze

Often Misunderstood

A Struggling Author

My Journey with You

The Poetorium at Starlite

An Open Mic & Poetry Show

Sabrina Escorcio

Poetry and Prose


Cherish every moment


I speak my heart out.

Harley Reborn

♠️Rip It Up & Start Again♥️


Connecting philosophy to the world around us

PoeticBelle by Srishti Mundhra

Dichotomy | Contrast | Life

D.C. Gilbert

Award-winning Author

Finding Life

Scribbled pieces of life