Tuesday Tidbits #35

A well of wispy words and wishes for writers.

Tuesday Tidbits #34

A zoo of zesty and zany zingers with zeal.

Tuesday Tidbits #33

A waterfall of wisdom and wishes for wanted words.

Tuesday Tidbits #32

A deluge of delightful dialogue delivering discernment.

Tuesday Tidbits #31

A cacophony of cursory critiques and communiques on creativity.

Tuesday Tidbits #30

A plethora of perceptual proverbs pertaining to the pen.

Tuesday Tidbits #29

A monstrous moat of mythical and magical murmurs.

Tuesday Tidbits #28

A theoretical thorny thicket of thankful thought.

Tuesday Tidbits #27

A ton of titillating, timely, and tantalizing takes.

Tuesday Tidbits #26

A succulent soup of symbolically silly sayings.

Harley Reborn

♠️Rip It Up & Start Again♥️


Connecting philosophy to the world around us

PoeticBelle by Srishti Mundhra

Dichotomy | Contrast | Life

Author DC Gilbert

Check out Serpents Underfoot and Adirondack Bear Tales on Amazon.com

Finding Life

Scribbled pieces of life

Rum and Robots

We Survived and Arrived - Now as Warriors We Thrive

I didn't have my glasses on....

A trip through life with fingers crossed and eternal optimism.

Wild Scared Crazy

It's an uncertain life!

Omnia Caelum... Poetry, Art, Music

Live like you would die tomorrow, learn like you would live forever! (Gandhi) All artwork, music and photography is of my creation and all are originals if not otherwise stated.

The Lustful Empress

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