Mad Respect

You earned my respect many years ago,
When you chose the hardest choice…

Wingless Angels

The loving word of friend,
That whisper in our ear…

Who Knew

Without a map,
Closed gap,
And in your eyes,

Great Friends

There to laugh and share good times,
But I read your face between the lines…

Remember Only the Good

Speak not of sorrowed seasons,
Untold the many reasons…


Friendships are like snakeskins,
Sometimes they must be shed…

With My Last Breath

Let me speak these words,
Remembered when heard…

Kindred Spirit

How do you find a good friend and true?
When does one become the sum of two?

Sabrina Escorcio

Poetry and Prose


Sharing My Journey of Faith And Experience


Cherish every moment


I speak my heart out.

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