Look Hard

We are not what we were,
But we are what we teach…


The world is full of scarecrows,
But they are just straw on a pole…


I have freedoms others will never know,
Simply because my skin is white…

In Reply

I have stayed silent,
When I should have spoke…

Burn It Down

So, burn it to the ground,
If that is your great desire…

Going To Church

But our scripture cannot be seen,
Found written on a glowing screen…

Speaking of Karma

Speak not in anger,
For words can cut deep,
And what we do sow,
We certainly reap…

Language of the Land

Of course, there is still great bigotry,
We have hated throughout our history.

Old Ways

An eye towards race, a judging view,
A binary concept of who should love…

Hate Flows

Hate cleaves the mortal soul,
Like water cuts through stone…

Suicide Squeeze

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