Tuesday Tidbits #125

A drenching downpour of delicious and delightful diatribes.

The View

Their journey was long, from their small temple in a humble village in the valley, across the mountain path to the city beyond…

Tuesday Tidbits #124

A curated collection of cackles, caws, and critiques.

Tuesday Tidbits #123

A bulging bag of branded brain bribery.

Tuesday Tidbits #122

A world of whimsical witticisms with worth.

It’s Not Me, It’s You

Just simple words from an even simpler man

Tuesday Tidbits #121

A windfall of wanton wit about written words.

Tuesday Tidbits #120

A jumble of jotted jingles judiciously jovial.

Tuesday Tidbits – #119

A copious collection of comments on creative composition.

Tuesday Tidbits #118

An inundation of innocuous idioms about incessant ink.

Flannel with Faith

Embracing imperfection with faith, flannel, & fresh air

JaZzArt en València

Faith saved us from the savages that we were, losing faith makes us savages again

Suicide Squeeze

Often Misunderstood

The Poetorium at Starlite

An Open Mic & Poetry Show


I speak my heart out.

Harley Reborn

♠️Rip It Up & Start Again♥️

D.C. Gilbert

Award-winning Author, Veteran

Rum and Robots

We Survived and Arrived - Now as Warriors We Thrive

I didn't have my glasses on....

A trip through life with fingers crossed and eternal optimism.


A journey into the labyrinth of my sceptical mind.

Pete Springer

Passionate Teacher and Future Children's Author