Whittled Words – Byr A Thoddaid Poem

If you couldn’t tell from the name, the byr a thoddaid is a Welsh form (like the gwawdodyn). And true to most Welsh forms, it is a good challenge.

Whittled Words – Quatern Poem

Today, we try our hands at a new (to me) French poetic form that incorporates a refrain like in a Villanelle, and eight-syllable lines like in a Kyrielle.

Whittled Words – Rhupunt Poem

The rhupunt has some variability to it, but also some rigid rules as well.

Whittled Words – Alphabet Poem

Today, I want to cover the fun and creativity of the alphabet poem. There are many variations of alphabet poems.

Whittled Words – Echo Poem

Unlike many of the poetic forms we examine on this blog, echo verse has a one fairly simple rule: Repeat the end syllable(s) of each line. No other rules.

Whittled Words – Cascada Veinte Poem

Well, we all knew it would eventually lead to this. I have tried my hand at creating a new form of poetry.

Whittled Words – Decima Poem

In Puerto Rico and other parts of Latin America, the decima is often sung and improvised. Those who write and perform decimas are known as decimistas or deimeros.

Whittled Words – Trimeric Poem

I’ve really been having fun trying out new (to me) poetic forms recently, but I think the trimeric may be one of my favorites.

Whittled Words – Rondeau Poem

As with other French forms, there is an element of rhyming and repetition in the Rondeau. In fact, the Rondeau is related to the triolet–one of my favorites.

Whittled Words – Streetbeatina Poem

What makes this form both a challenge to write and uniquely different from other forms is that the first syllable of the first line is repeated as the second syllable in the second line, the third syllable of the third line and so on, the repetition of the sound of the syllable at precise intervals providing the poem with a natural beat and musicality.

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