World on a Shelf

There, in long orderly rows,
The entire world lain bare…

Sitting on the Moon

Making snow angels in the dust,
That traces every moment touched…

Close Up

“All the world’s a stage”,
Yet acts not hard penned…

Port of Call

The island inks that paint our arms,
Our quiet strength and worldly charms…

A Beautiful Kind

In crimson cries the southern skies,
Long tears drip in great lament…

Shaping Our World

Now we see the things that bind,
A ribbon through humanity…

Worlds Apart

Who knew that just six feet,
Would feel like worlds apart…

Leave Us

Leave behind no unshed tear,
No regret, no unfaced fear…

Stubborn or Stuck

I was torn between the English and Metric systems of measure. Two systems that rail against each other in their efforts to complete the same tasks. There is no simple conversion for any units of measure.

Sabrina Escorcio

Poetry and Prose


Sharing My Journey of Faith And Experience


Cherish every moment


I speak my heart out.

Harley Reborn

♠️Rip It Up & Start Again♥️


Connecting philosophy to the world around us

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D.C. Gilbert

Award-winning Author. Veteran. Patriot. Martial Artist.

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