Tuesday Tidbits #73

A gregarious gaggle of greatly grandiose generalisms.

Tuesday Tidbits #72

An earful of emerging, elegant epitaphs and elucidations.

Tuesday Tidbits #71

A drenching downpour of delicious and delightful diatribes.

Tuesday Tidbits #70

A curated collection of cackles, caws, and critiques.

Tuesday Tidbits #69

A bulging bag of branded brain bribery.

Tuesday Tidbits #68

A world of whimsical witticisms with worth.

Tuesday Tidbits #67

A windfall of wanton wit about written words.

Tuesday Tidbits #66

A jumble of jotted jingles judiciously jovial.

Tuesday Tidbits #65

A copious collection of comments on creative composition.

Interview Q&A with Brad Osborne, a writer at Spillwords.com

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