Mountain Top

Mountain Top ©

Penned by Brad Osborne


Only at the top

Where tree and cloud meet

The valley spread below

Green carpet at your feet.


The river wide and fast

A doodled thin line

Creating the vast peaks

With the passage of time.


Sun cannot warm

The air at this height

But dances through leaves

To the eye’s delight.


To look down on the world

When standing so high

Begs one to query

How small am I?


The beauty and scope

Of all that you see

Your spirit unlocked

Its grandeur the key.


Only at the top

Where tree and cloud meet

Do you feel alive

With every heartbeat.


4 Responses to “Mountain Top”
  1. Hi Brad, beautifully written, your words flow so well uniformly 🙂

  2. I can read your words and feel myself there. Well written!

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