House Cleaning

Just a quick housekeeping note to my followers and readers, then I promise it is back to the good stuff.

First, thank you all for your continued support and kind wishes. Your fellowship fans the flames of my fire to write and I am eternally grateful.

Second, I have done some minor cleaning up around the blog site. I moved the archives from the right sidebar and added a page for a full archive. I have reduced the number of blogs I follow that are shown in the homepage left sidebar for appearance, but it is not the extensive list of all the blogs I still happily follow. Thank goodness these are displayed chronologically from the newest follows to the oldest, so I didn’t have to choose favorites. That would have been a horrendous task at best, as they are all good.

I have reduced the number of categories by placing many of my older posts into the ‘General’ category. Of course, all the old favorites are there. Everything from the strange sayings highlighted in the ‘Friday’s Phrase’ series to the political satire of ‘Edible Activism’. This should allow readers to find what they are looking for much easier.

This overall reduction of the extemporaneous visuals has a purpose. Not only do I prefer a clean simple look to anything, but here the focus is really about the words. Even my posts, other than my photos posted in the series on the Tail of the Dragon trip, are usually limited to a feature picture and little else for adornment.

Lastly, this clean up serves another purpose. As I have returned to the 8 to 5 grind of daily work in the office, my ability to write and post daily will likely be limited. With that in mind, I have shifted the blog sites focus to poetry, although I will always have something non-poetic to say on occasion. So far in my return to writing, poetry is what I have enjoyed the most. As with any writer, I still question my skill with rhyme and verse, so I can only hope that having fewer to read will be somehow less painful for you.

With this new focus, I am pleased to announce the new weekly series, ‘Whittled Words’! Each week we will look at a different form or style of poetry explaining the format and offering examples of the form. Everything from Abstract to Zappai. I hope it will spark others to try poetry and for the seasoned poet, to explore alternative styles.

I have also left an Easter egg for you, if you got this far. My homepage also sports a new short poem not published anywhere else on the site. Enjoy!

11 Responses to “House Cleaning”
  1. meenawalia says:

    I hope u can find time and post more frequently dear.All th best for ur job.i love reading your poems..each word connects emotionally..

  2. Because I get email notifications from which I can travel directly to your latest post, I’ve never really looked at your home page. I can’t say what changes have occurred, only that it does appear to be clean and simple to follow, as you hoped. I’m glad you’ve settled on your niche, and look forward to your posts!

  3. All the best to you. Great idea Brad starting a new series ‘Whittled words’ plz do teach us how to write poems, I wud love to learn, will be waiting for ur new series, seems interesting.

  4. Jim Borden says:

    I also like simple, clean looking pages, and yours is a prime example of such a design. Looking forward to learning more about poetry, a subject I’ve avoided my whole life. And I like the Easter Egg poem! And good luck with your new job.

  5. YBP says:

    Dear Brad, as promised, you’ve got mail! ❤️💚💛💜💙

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